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Tribute to Les Miserables

It is so hard to follow the few instructions I’ve  been given:

  • Don’t put too much text
  • Bullet point info so people might actually read it
  • Provide pictures
Men at the waterfall Darryl Gurecky and Jim Holmes

At this point, I’ve only uploaded a few pictures to share, lucky for me, I have one I love.

Taken at Mirabeau Pointe Park out in the Spokane Valley (used to be something like Walk in the Wild anyone…anyone?) Darryl Gurecky and Jim Holmes were great to work with.

The theme of Red and Black might have been a tribute to Les Miz. Darryl knocked it outta the park as a lead (Javert) in the Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of Les Miserables this last year… I just now got it.

Anyway, thank you to them both, lovely couple, fun and handsome. Not a bad combo.

Have a great day, enjoy the Thunderstorm – I am!

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