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It’s baby time!

newborn girl with pearls Newborn Baby Girl with Mommy’s Pearls

You want to capture those sweet newborn portraits? Plan on pictures before they are ten days old for the super cuddly images. Whether it’s in the hospital, here at the studio, outside or at your home, the time for newborn portraits, is…well….when they are newborn!

Babies change so much after that initial ten days, they are out of the womb and stretch those little arms and legs out as far as they will go, they figure out that there is some super cool stuff going on around them if they are awake, and they understand that if they squirm and cry – they will get to eat. So before they learn all of those things, let’s get the newborn photography done for you.

There is no stronger connection you will have with another human being than the one with your child.  So let’s do this! Even if it’s passed the ten day mark, don’t keep putting it off, your baby won’t be a baby for long.

What you will need for your baby photography session

What to Bring:

  • Diapers, more diapers and probably even more diapers
  • Food – bottle or you, if it’s bottle, bring more than you think you’ll need
  • Favorite blanket
  • Change of Clothes for baby
  • Hats, headbands, jewelry (we have some, but bring yours!)
  • Any themed accent pieces/props
Newborn baby girl with guitar Newborn Baby Girl with Daddy’s Guitar

Bring your newborn in something that does not pull off over their head, like snap up jammies. That way, if they fall asleep, we can keep them asleep (hopefully!).

If you have clothing for your older baby, try to avoid logos and words if you can. And if you can wear a solid, long sleeve shirt, that would be helpful for us.



Things to think about for scheduling baby’s first pictures

Consider these things – because they are important:

  • When is baby’s happy time?  That’s the time you want the photography!
  • Busy Days? Don’t schedule anything before or after your portrait session.
newborn baby girl Newborn Baby Girl

Baby’s have happy times, we all know that. But is it right after they wake up? An hour after they eat? Mornings? Afternoons?  You know when your baby’s happy time is, and that’s when you want your child’s picture taken!

Are you super busy, doctor appointments, your other kids have play dates? Need to do some shopping, or friends are coming over? Cross photos off your list on those days. Your baby can sense when you are feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Schedule your appointment on a day when you are concentrating just on your little one, you’ll love the rewards you’ll reap for taking the time for it.

baby with baseballMy baby is NOT a newborn!

We create a fun and relaxed environment where we can photograph the perfect moments of your baby, no matter how old she is.  You just have to schedule the time.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your babies grow up without portraits!

Give us a call at 509-214-2576 and let’s talk about what you want to see in YOUR babies next photograph.






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